[Smt-talk] Clendinning/Marvin anthology

Steven Reale smreale at ysu.edu
Tue Jul 31 07:28:14 PDT 2012

Dear Professors Clendinning and Marvin and my other colleagues on this 

Our school has recently adopted /The Musician's Guide to Theory and 
Analysis./ As preparations for the Fall semester continue, I find myself 
puzzling over how to best incorporate Clendinning and Marvin's anthology 
into my planning of the course. While the prose of the textbook and 
certain exercises in the workbook indicate appropriate moments when 
specific examples are to be referenced in the anthology, there does not 
seem to be anything like an index that associates particular pieces in 
the anthology with particular chapters in the textbook, or (even 
better!) an index to coordinate anthology pieces with relevant topics. 
In the former case, there is a repertoire list at the beginning of each 
chapter, but not everything on that list is in the anthology, and it 
isn't indicated which is which. I would also like to be able to use 
examples from the anthology to provide supplementary in-class analysis 
practice for the students, and it doesn't seem clear how to go about 
coordinating that. I of course have my own collection of reference 
pieces that I generally teach from, but since the students are paying 
good money for the anthology, I want to make sure they get commensurate 
use out of it.

If I've missed such an index, or if somebody has happened to already 
compile one, I'd appreciate it if you could point me in the right 

All best,

Steven Reale

Assistant Professor of Music
Dana School of Music
Youngstown State University

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