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Likewise, a performer's claim NOT to have been influenced by theory or  
theorists doesn't prove very much, one way or the other, either.

On this matter, I highly recommend Peter Westergaard's wonderful  
paper, given at the Theory exploratory session of the CMS national  
meeting in DC, 1976, and later published in their Symposium, "What  
Theorists Do"—something everybody in this crazy profession of ours  
ought to read and reread regularly.

Contents might be summarized as "We are all theorists" or perhaps "If  
you're a musician, or even just a listener, you're a theorist—whether  
you think you are or not". (Of course, summary is no substitute for  
reading the paper...which I think I'm going to do as soon as I can  
find my copy—it's been too long...)


> Just because a performer claims to have been influenced by  theory  
> doesn't mean that they were significantly influenced by that theory  
> or that their performances audibly reflect the theory !
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