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Apologies for any confusion I might have caused, Dmitri (T). While I can't speak to your point about the general level of discussion on our list of late, I can say that list discussions of solmization throughout the years have consistently generated more heat than light. It seems to me that this is a question that could be examined objectively with a carefully-designed study, if such studies don't already exist -- I hope someone takes it up. 

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> On Jul 14, 2012, at 7:15 PM, Jonathan Santore wrote:

> > Dmitri hints at what I feel is one of the major issues behind the
> > great solmization debate -

> I just want to remind everyone that "Dmitri [Tymoczko]" and "Dimitar
> [Ninov]" are two entirely separate people -- one at Princeton, one
> at Texas.

> I haven't been contributing to the list much, recently, because I
> worry that the level of discussion is deteriorating.  There seems to
> be a lot more shouting and a lot less scholarship than there was a
> few years ago.  It's gotten to the point where I've been
> contemplating starting a new list with a much more rigorous
> moderation policy.

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