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A physicist speaks: sound carries energy, and therefore, according to Einstein's famous law, mass. So, yes, sound is (very slightly) subject to gravity.

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In response to a private response, I'd like to clarify my previous post: Since most things on planet Earth (e. g., automobiles) are subject to gravity's laws and work with them in order to 'defy' them, is sound also subject to gravity? Or is this 'just' a metaphor? If sound is affected by gravity, how (no need to repeat Schenker)? And how can/should we work with it when we create and analyze? Someone once said, "If an architect builds a faulty building, people are killed and he/she goes to jail--when someone writes a bad piece of music, fortunately, no one goes to jail (at least not post-Stalin)."
So perhaps these questions are inconsequential? Not answering them allows people to employ themselves, right? (Someone else once said to me, "Oh well, who cares? Not caring gives us something to do.") But, for whatever reasons, it matters to me and I would really appreciate some good answers! 

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