[Smt-talk] Implicit learning and anticipation of intra-opus constraints

Ross Rochford digiology at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 07:04:50 PST 2012

Dear List,

I'm looking for any existing research that investigates implicit learning
and anticipation on the basis of underlying work-specific rules,
constraints or broad statistical tendencies. Of particular interest are
materials that support anticipation despite their underlying invariants
being phenomenologically opaque.

This seems relevant to contemporary music where works are often quite novel
and idiosyncratic but self-consistent in some manner.
Constraint-satisfaction compositional systems like Strasheela (
http://strasheela.sourceforge.net/strasheela/doc/index.html) facilitate the
employment of persistent constraints but it is not clear as to what kinds
of constraints are capable of supporting anticipatory responding following
prolonged exposure (lets say under 10 minutes).

I have scoured the literature on implicit learning and musical expectancy
but their aims seem different from mine. Implicit learning research focuses
on elucidating underlying processes while the research on expectancy seems
more focused on existing music (rather than potential music!). I see this
more as an applied question, sacrificing some theoretical relevance for
practical use.

In addition to suggestions on existing research to look at, I would also
much any advice on pursuing this as a PhD topic such as potential
supervisors (off-list if needs be).

Ross Rochford
Independent researcher
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