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Isaac Malitz imalitz at omsmodel.com
Wed Oct 31 20:35:04 PDT 2012

I don't find the authors' comments to be disturbing.
In my own research, I am concerned with the analysis of music from the 
"experiential" side - I'm interested in how music stimulates listeners 
(from an aesthetic point of view)
I find my kind of analysis to be fascinating, deep, enlightening in many 
ways. (It even sheds light on the analysis of musical scores)
It has its own rigor, although that rigor is different from the rigor of 
conventional note-centric musical analysis.
I have also found that my kind of analysis is not popular in the 
mainstream of musical academicians.

So, the author's approach to discussing opera (via experience rather 
than notes) seems a natural approach.
I look forward to reading their book!

[The negative comments I have seen in this thread just seem to express 
resistance to something that I think is new and good]

Isaac Malitz, Ph.D.
imalitz at rdic.com

Carolyn Abbate and Roger Parker: "...we wanted to write a book without 
reference to musical scores."

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