[Smt-talk] One thought on language use

Steve Laitz slaitz at esm.rochester.edu
Wed Sep 12 07:47:07 PDT 2012

I'd like to showcase something particularly interesting, which might be
workshopped in later posts, or perhaps concepted at SMT.  I googled
olympians who recently medaled, and subsequently podiumed, (wishing, of
course, they'd signature my volleyball) to learn by friending them that many
had music theoried AP courses in high school, which, amazingly had impacted
new, prospective olympians who are actually dialoguing about doing the same,
thus trending upwards something worth texting one's friends (unless, of
course, they've just been defriended, in which case they can more easily
boilerplate by blogging).  In any event, maybe we can at some point rope
these folks back into the theory fold so they can hybrid sport and

Steve Laitz
Eastman School of Music

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