[Smt-talk] Improvisation for Harmony

Michael Callahan michaelrcallahan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 14:28:02 PDT 2012

Dear Peter,

Many thanks for posting these videos, which are terrific, as are the ideas that you put forward in your JMTP article.  I include improvisation in my counterpoint and keyboard skills courses, but I find myself teaching it very differently in a group setting versus in an individual lesson.  I have much more experience with the former, so I am intrigued by what you are able to do one-on-one.  What a treat to teach harmony to one private student in such a responsive, unhurried, musical way!  I'm curious to know how similar or different your approach is when there are 10+ students.  I'd love to see videos of that process if you have them.


Michael Callahan
Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Michigan State University

mrc at msu.edu

Dear colleagues,

I have posted a few videos demonstrating how I teach beginning harmony through improvisation. I described the method in v. 25 of JMTP, but it?s better to see it in action. Comments welcome.


Peter Schubert
Schulich School of Music
McGill University
555 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, QC  H3A 1E3
(514) 398-4535 x00281

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