[Smt-talk] The passing of Dorothy Taubman

Channan Willner channanwillner at nypl.org
Mon Apr 8 14:52:11 PDT 2013

Dear colleagues,

The passing of Dorothy Taubman marks not only a sad day in the history
of keyboard pedagogy, but, equally, in the history of upper-limb
disability studies and  treatment. Taubman (and more recently her successors
at the Golandsky Institute) has provided incalulable help to those
suffering from repetitive strain ailments, but her highly practical
contributions to the field of disability studies have not always been
as clearly acknowledged as they might have. See the obituary at


Channan Willner
Music Division, NYPL
channanwillner at nypl.org
Channan Willner
Music Division, NYPL
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channanwillner at nypl.org
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