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Certainly, Steve,

And we should not forget the dominant functioning augmeted sixth chords  in the main key. The so-called doiminant It, Ger. and French are respectively vii6#, vii6#/5., and V4/3 flat five or V6#/4/3. In root position they are: viio b3, viio7 b3, and V7b5. The symbols are Db7 (root omitted), Db7, and Db7-5, which is also G7-5.

But there are more chords of +6 or o3 that do not fit It, Ger or Fr size. Shall we devise geohraohic names for all of them, or shall we announce them as simultaneities that do not matter?

No, Romans, your Roman numerals are good. They work very efficiently along with T, S and D. Jazz symbols are great too. Everything may be put to nice work.

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As a point of information: "It+6" is neither a chord name or chord number, although it is treated as such in so many best-selling textbooks. In lead sheet notation we indicate that chord in Dm as Bb7. The number is vii#6/V.

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