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Very interesting questions!

First of all ARE there programs that can write conventional fugues? Can
anyone link to one?

Secondly, (if there is such a program), has the algorithm been sufficiently
explicated by its authors that it is replicable (this is one of the major
problems in this area in my view!)

Thirdly, supposing there is such a program and its methods are completely
open for scrutiny, there are still a number of questions we would want to
ask about how the program works, which would help us decide whether
studying the algorithm might really teach us about (a subset of) music and
how it might be constructed.

-Does the program rely on recombination or statistical methods on a
database? That is to say, is its theory of musical ecriture one of plunder
and cannibalism, or does it have a more fundamental theory about the
combinatorial possibilities of basic musical materials.

-Does it rely on a selection of hard coded (explicit and invariant)
templates e.g. for form, harmonic progressions, etc.

-What is the generality or range of the output? In what ways can the output
differ? How deterministic is the program and in what ways? How are
decisions made? What are the facilities for analysis? What is the role of

-Are assumptions and parameters open for scrutiny? To what extent can they
be modified?

-Is the model of "a fugue" about simply about the correct general
form/texture, harmony and counterpoint, or is there some notion of overall
dramatic flow, rhythm and economy of the introduction of new material, and
other high level concerns...

 On Apr 29, 2013 8:37 AM, "Isaac Malitz" <imalitz at omsmodel.com> wrote:

> Aren't there computer programs that can write conventional fugues?
> If so, then what is the point of a student writing a conventional fugue as
> an excercise?
> Wouldn't it be more useful for a student to study the algorithms that can
> generate a conventional fugue?
> (I think the above are very interesting questions)
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>  This notice on Craig's List was brought to my attention:
>> "I am willing to pay $50 on paypal for a someone who has advanced
>> classical composition skills to write my final project for my Counterpoint
>> II class. It is two sections of an invention including the exposition and
>> episodes and modulation. It would need to be done on finale or cyballius.
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