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David Cope has programs/algorithms that write inventions and fugues. Even better than studying the algorithms, would be creating them. Even Sibelius notation software has some rudimentary composition algorithms. We are almost at the point where a modern version of the John Henry folktale will be needed. Here is a link to some material:


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On Apr 29, 2013, at 1:48 AM, Isaac Malitz wrote:

> Aren't there computer programs that can write conventional fugues?
> If so, then what is the point of a student writing a conventional fugue as an excercise?
> Wouldn't it be more useful for a student to study the algorithms that can generate a conventional fugue?
> (I think the above are very interesting questions)
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>> This notice on Craig's List was brought to my attention:
>> "I am willing to pay $50 on paypal for a someone who has advanced classical composition skills to write my final project for my Counterpoint II class. It is two sections of an invention including the exposition and episodes and modulation. It would need to be done on finale or cyballius.
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