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A challenging academic assignment would be the following:

"As you know, there are computer programs that can write a fairly 
competent 'conventional' 2-part invention. Your assignment is to write a 
competent 2-part invention - i.e. respect the convention 'rules' that 
you have studied about this. However, include at least one element in 
your invention which in your opinion might be difficult for a computer 
program to accomplish. And explain why."

Isaac Malitz, Ph.D.
imalitz at omsmodel.com

Cope wrote several books about his programs without conveying enough 
information to make any real use of his ideas. He failed to advance the 
state of knowledge in the field of computational music generation. A 
review can be found in Tom Collins' PhD thesis. 
(http://www.tomcollinsresearch.net/publications.html) This includes an 
analysis of a Cope (EMI) piece revealed to be a Chopin piece with some 
notes erased and new notes filled in.





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