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P S Or, vibrations divided, of course. 

Interesting, R Strauss' prescience in Zarathustra re the pitch of the universe (B), although he got it the other way around (Zara's C for universal nature and B for human). 

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> Thanks, Dave! 
> Questions: Are the vibrations steady? If multiplied to lie within human hearing range, what pitch would they produce? (Remember the NPR program on the pitch of outer space?)
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>> Hi -- interesting story here about vibration rates in bacteria and applications for antibiotics.  Makes me wonder about possible uses for music theory outside the usual classroom - hotel ballroom circuit.  Could we help analyze these pathological songs?
>> http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2013/06/microscopic-tuning-forks-could-m.html?ref=hp
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