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Daniel Wolf djwolf at snafu.de
Mon Dec 2 01:40:37 PST 2013

"Diatonic" comes, of course, from the diatonic tetrachord genus, the one  
which is composed "through (whole) tones."  The term do not refer at all  
to any "linear coherence, achievable in tonal music", mysterious or  

Ildar Khannanov wrote:

> For example, diatonic is not heptatonic pitch collection. Neither  
> pentatonic, nor octatonic have been honored by Greek root dia--, only  
> the seven-note scale. Dia--, of course, does not have anything to do  
> with the number of notes; rather, it refers to a mysterious linear  
> coherence, achievable in tonal music.

Dr. Daniel James Wolf

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