[Smt-talk] Fwd: Re: a la mode

Michele Ignelzi m.ignelzi at tin.it
Wed Dec 4 07:49:37 PST 2013

Dear Ildar & all,

Could you or others on this list please provide some 
evidence for the claim that the words "counter," "productive," 
"believe," "same," "sense" are of Greek origin?

Many thanks,

Michele Ignelzi
m.ignelzi at tin.it
Statale di Musica, Florence, Italy

On Dec 3, 2013, at 5:11 PM, Ildar 
Khannanov wrote:

On the other hand, in the phrase that you send to me 
seven words out of 19 are of Greek origin. These are not only the 
words, translated from Greek (counter, productive, believe, diatonic, 
same, sense) but a major categories, discovered by Greek thinkers. 

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