[Smt-talk] Harmonic and Melodic Scales

Thomas Noll noll at cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Dec 4 09:13:29 PST 2013

Dear Ildar,

> Why in the West minor subdominant in major has been underrated? 

Has it? This at least not true for Leipzig (where I was born). Moritz Hauptmann's (1853) influential book "Die Natur der Harmonik und der Metrik: zur Theorie der Musik"  spends considerable attention to the study of the "Moll-Dur-Tonart" quite in balance to the study of the "Moll-Tonart". This book predates Rimsky-Korsakov's (1886) Практический учебник гармонии by 33 years. In think, Hauptmann's thoughts are particularly valuable for the understanding of diatonicity in connection with alteration. This issue had been addressed by Dimitar and by Nicolas in recent mails.
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