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Thanks for reminding us that Beethoven was the quintessential Classic/Romantic composer. He was capable, as you have demonstrated, of being the lovely, sweet, rational purveyor of perfectly pleasant music, and then he could turn around and write music that was way ahead of its time in terms of the wildness and storminess of its aggressive, muscular character. The order of his symphonies has always reminded me of Jekyll and Hyde in the way the characters alternate from odd numbers to even--in antiquated terminology, from masculine to feminine. This duality works great for a writer of symphonies but you wouldn't want to marry a guy like this. ^ _ ^

May your modulation to the new year but smooth and easy.

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On Dec 20, 2013, at 11:54 AM, Michael Luxner <mluxner at mail.millikin.edu> wrote:

> From Grove's Beethoven and His Nine Symphonies:
> "There is something extraordinarily entrainant about it throughout; a more consistent and attractive whole
> there cannot be.  In the Eroica some have complained of the Funeral March as too long, some of the Scherzo as inappropriate, or of the Finale as trivial; but on the No. 4 no such criticisms are possible; the movements fit to their places like the limbs and features of a lovely statue; and, full of fire and invention as they are, all is subordinated to conciseness, grace, and beauty."
> They sure don't write 'em like that anymore...symphonies or criticism! 
> Happy holiday, everyone.
> Michael Luxner
> Millikin University
> >>> Larry Barnes <lbarnes at transy.edu> 12/18/2013 10:03 PM >>>
> I'm listening to #4 right now, and love it. It turns my head toward beauty unexpectedly, precisely because it doesn't demand my constant attention. And I don't always need dangerous places. 
> It's nice to just come home and rest sometimes between adventures.
> Larry Barnes
> Transylvania University
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