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Dave Headlam dheadlam at esm.rochester.edu
Tue Jul 2 04:53:31 PDT 2013

Dear next new thing-ers:

This all sounds cool -- but, in an obligatory old-guard reply -- what's 
the rush?  Do we want to create a music theory-based TED world of sexy 
but not-road-tested (and in the case of most TED lectures, hopelessly, 
romantically, pie-in-the-sky) solutions that last as long as a Tweet?  
Tonal Theory in ten Tweets?  Check out 
for cautions ("meet the new boss . . . "), and also check into Dilbert's 
attempts at working from home for more cautions on flipping classes -- 
and that's before online Netflix!! 
(http://search.dilbert.com/comic/Working%20From%20Home).  I'm an 
ipad-toting technology geek, but there's something to be said for a 
well-considered thought process.  And don't forget to check with your 
Provost on promotion requirements, which may not include "change the 
world by Tuesday."

Otherwise, godspeed!

Dave Headlam

On 7/1/13 3:54 PM, Kris Shaffer wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> A new project has grown out of FlipCamp Music Theory, the unconference 
> on the inverted music theory class that took place in Charleston last 
> month. We are excited to solicit short essays (approx. 1500 words) on 
> the subject of student-centered learning for a crowdsourced ebook, 
> /Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy/. Submissions are due 
> *July 15, 2013*, and we hope to publish the complete volume online by 
> August, in time for these essays to assist readers in their planning 
> for fall courses. /Engaging Students/ will serve as an open-access, 
> web-based resource for those teaching college-level classes in music.
> We envision a new format for scholarly communication based upon 
> collaborative and swift peer review. We take our inspiration from 
> hack-a-thons, in which creative solutions to a problem emerge from 
> working intensely together in a collaborative environment for a 
> limited time, as well as the crowdsourced ebook, /Hacking the 
> Academy/, and the open-access journal, /Hybrid Pedagogy/. You will 
> receive feedback on your manuscript within a week of the submission 
> deadline. The revision process will consist of efficient online 
> interactions between you and the editorial group.
> We are looking to combine essays of both a philosophical and practical 
> nature on a wide range of topics relevant to the teaching of music at 
> the university level.
> For more information on the project and instructions on how to submit, 
> please visit the complete call for submissions on the FlipCamp Music 
> Theory website: 
> http://flipcampmt.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/call-for-submissions-engaging-students-essays-in-music-pedagogy/.
> Thank you,
> the editorial committee:
> Sean Atkinson, University of Texas--Arlington
> Carla Colletti, Webster University
> Philip Duker, University of Delaware
> Gretchen Foley, University of Nebraska--Lincoln
> Anna Gawboy, Ohio State University
> Stephen Gosden, University of North Florida
> Bryn Hughes, University of Miami, coordinator
> Enoch Jacobus, independent scholar, Berea, Kentucky
> Brian Moseley, Furman University
> Meghan Naxer, University of Oregon
> Deborah Rifkin, Ithaca College
> Kris Shaffer, University of Colorado--Boulder, coordinator
> Kris Shaffer, Ph.D.
> Instructor of Music Theory
> University of Colorado--Boulder
> kris.shaffermusic.com
> Twitter: @krisshaffer
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