[Smt-talk] Happy Birthday!

John Snyder musi4 at central.uh.edu
Thu Jul 18 08:50:03 PDT 2013

To the collective wisdom (with apologies for cross-posting):

Please join me today (i.e., Thursday, 18 July 2013) in marking a milestone
birthday of a well known music theorist and composer.

Hermannus Contractus, aka Hermann der Lahme, Hermann von (der) 
Reichenau, etc.,
has hit the big 1K (or, if you prefer, the big M)! Really! He's one of 
the few from that
era for whom we know precise birth and death dates.

The party at my place will include some appropriate Bavarian potables, 
and Sacher torte.
Please feel free to join in vicariously.

With best wishes,


John L.Snyder
Professor of Music Theory and Musicology
Moores School of Music
University of Houston
JLSnyder at uh.edu

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