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Dear list,

Not to throw logs onto the fire, but regarding Schenkerian theory, it has
evolved far beyond the theories of Schenker himself. Though some scholars
spend time focusing their work on the writings of Schenker, you now find
Schenkerian ideas permeating through all aspects of North American
theory--from semiotics, to transformational theory, to cognition, rhythm
and meter, and so forth.

It seems to me that much of the polemics are focused solely on Schenker,
the person, the theorist, the philosopher. I find it hard pressed today to
not encounter any modern thinking of music theory that has not been
influenced by Schenkerian ideas--and thus when Dr. Smith (and Dr. Klein)
say "we are all Schenkerians" I believe it to be fundamentally true. I
don't think it is the responsibility of any Schenkerian (read: all of us)
to directly respond to criticism of Schenker's own writings; one may choose
to do so--and certainly some theorists who spend significant time in
Schenker's own work may wish to respond, but "Schenkerian theory" is a
loaded term and should not be solely identified with Schenker, the person.

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