[Smt-talk] Writing prose in music theory courses

Rogers, Lynne ROGERSL13 at wpunj.edu
Sun May 26 07:33:39 PDT 2013

 Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to get a broader sense of the use of prose-writing in music theory courses, especially undergraduate courses. If you ask students to write in your courses,

   -- in which courses do you require students to write prose?

   -- about how often during the semester do you require students to write prose?

   -- what forms does the prose take (short essays of 1-4 pages, longer essays, term papers, responses to published writings, blogs, concert reports, journals, in-class writing, other)?

   -- are the writing projects primarily analytical or historical?

Feel free to respond off list if you prefer.

Thank you.

Lynne Rogers
RogersL13 at wpunj.edu
William Paterson University

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