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Nicolas Meeùs nicolas.meeus at scarlet.be
Mon May 20 06:57:38 PDT 2013

But why do you take this to be an offense? I am glad that you cannot 
disconnect tonal functions from the tonal plan. The question remains 
whether the tonal plan is the result of the concatenation of T + S + D + 
T in this order, or the succession the result of the tonal plan itself, 
meant to first express and stress T, then D and S as contrasts to T? 
Whether, in other terms, the "Urphänomen" (to remain with Goethe) is 
tonality, or functions.

The reason why I put "functions" in quotation marks is that I believe 
that the functions arise from the tonal plan, while you believe that 
they preexist it -- we obviously do not share the same understanding of 
"function", and this is what the quotation marks were supposed to 
stress: that there are among us different understandings of it.

Nicolas Meeùs
Université Paris-Sorbonne

Le 20/05/2013 15:12, Ildar Khannanov a écrit :
> Dear List,
> wow! I've just apologized before Professor Smith and, voila, I have 
> received my own portion of offence. I am OK, no apology is needed from 
> Dr. Meeus, we are friends, after all. I just cannot disconnect the 
> "tonal functions" (why in parenthesis?!) and tonal plan. Is it not 
> that the tonal plan of a tonal composition is, in 99 percent of cases, 
> built upon T-S-D-T cycle?
> Best,
> Illdar Khannanov
> Peabody Conservatory
> Solefggio7 at yahoo.com <mailto:Solefggio7 at yahoo.com>
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