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Dear Nicholas and the List,
interesting, tonal plan that preexists tonal function? What is the make of such "tonal plan"? Is it made of graphic symbols, "adjacencies,"  or "counterpoint"? Have you seen a house that is already built but nobody knows which materials were used in it (brick, timber, stone?). 
OK, you have devised a "tonal plan." How can I understand that it is the tonal plan, and not a random "concatenation" of something that only you understand as "structure"? Will you start building your tonal plan without announcing to me the character of its elemental base?

Sorry, but it has not become clearer to me. The tonal plan has been a part of tonal-functional theory (without parentheses) for centuries. I see no rationale for its revision.
Ildar Khannanov
Peabody Conservatory
solfeggio7 at yahoo.com
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But why do you take this to be an offense? I am glad that you cannot disconnect tonal functions from the tonal plan. The question remains whether the tonal plan is the result of the concatenation of T + S + D + T in this order, or the succession the result of the tonal plan itself, meant to first express and stress T, then D and S as contrasts to T? Whether, in other terms, the "Urphänomen" (to remain with Goethe) is tonality, or functions.

The reason why I put "functions" in quotation marks is that I believe that the functions arise from the tonal plan, while you believe that they preexist it – we obviously do not share the same understanding of "function", and this is what the quotation marks were supposed to stress: that there are among us different understandings of it.

Nicolas Meeùs
Université Paris-Sorbonne

Le 20/05/2013 15:12, Ildar Khannanov a écrit :

Dear List,
wow! I've just apologized before Professor Smith and, voila, I have received my own portion of offence. I am OK, no apology is needed from Dr. Meeus, we are friends, after all. I just cannot disconnect the "tonal functions" (why in parenthesis?!) and tonal plan. Is it not that the tonal plan of a tonal composition is, in 99 percent of cases, built upon T-S-D-T cycle?
Illdar Khannanov
Peabody Conservatory
Solefggio7 at yahoo.com

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