[Smt-talk] Fantasia/was Rite of Spring Animation

Judith Petty jpetty at umich.edu
Sat May 25 01:56:51 PDT 2013

Thanks for these suggestions, but the film I'm describing was not Fantasia
(which I've seen many times). This was specifically only the Waltz, had no
dancing characters, and played out in scrolling note-shapes, just as
GarageBand does. The closest thing visually that I see on YouTube is
Malinowski's Beethoven 7th slow movement:


The interesting thing to me is that the original film's format of time
flowing to the right and registrally arranged sound shapes had no precedent
that I'm aware of, although possibly derived from the time-vs.-frequency of
oscilloscopes, combined with the left-to-right motion and registral
arrangement of musical score. (The "sound track" character in Fantasia
doesn't work that way.) Fifty years later scrolling shapes with register
have now become a standard way of both depicting and creating music.

In fact, ideas about register and unfolding (and sonoristics) in analysis
have become part of my research, and although I don't think of my analyses
in colors, they do seem to unfold mentally as contours from left to right,
with the idea of the work's unfolding operating not only laterally but up
and down.

Anyway, just a trifle, but I was curious whether the film was still out

Judith Petty
University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance
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