[Smt-talk] Gender Terminology in Music Theory

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Wed Apr 30 10:19:41 PDT 2014

Perhaps my last message was insufficiently direct. Let me be clear: the
"SFCP" term to which Devin Chaloux drew attention in his original post is
 offensive to women, as he rightly noted. Sexist language should be
intolerable to members of this society, as should *all *forms of identity
stereotyping whether they invoke gender, race, ethnicity, or disability.
 We should be intelligent enough to create labels for music-theoretical
constructs that are first of all informative, and if we feel that requires
some form of linguistic imagery, then we should be able to come up with a
term that does not reinforce the kind of identity-stereotyping that both
reflects and engenders prejudicial behaviour towards individuals.

Laurel Parsons

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