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John Paul Ito itojp at cmu.edu
Mon Aug 25 09:44:41 PDT 2014

One of my favorite examples of non-standard prosody is ³TUR-eye-IN² from the
Jeffersons¹s theme song, but assuming you aren¹t teaching a course to
dinosaurs, the following is better.

Gene Biringer has a great unit on this, and the following comes from
materials he shared.

>From an 80¹s or 90¹s NYT ad, to the tune of Deck the Halls:

Com-pu-ters Now We ship for free
With ve-ry ve-ry fast De-liv¹-ry!

I have a copy of this in my office and can send it out tomorrow to anyone
interested (reply off-list, if there are many I¹ll post to my website and
send a URL to the list).

He also has students set Ogden Nash poems in rhythm-only settings ‹ several
of them have ³punch lines² at the end that lend themselves to clever metric
hiccups, and the better students produce really great settings.


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