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Dear list,

In the Schoenberg literature one occasionally runs across references to
Oscar Adler's unpublished book "Die Kritik der reinen Musik," a
Kant-inspired treatise from around 1918 which Schoenberg evidently praised
highly.  The only copy of this work I have been able to hunt down, after
much googling and Indiana-Jones-style intrigue, is unfortunately in the
hands of someone who cannot be persuaded to share it (citing "many
betrayals by academicians" as the reason).  The Houghton Library at Harvard
has an English translation of the introduction to the work (part of the
Louis Krasner papers), which is a couple of pages long, but doesn't have
the main body of the text, which is a few hundred pages long.  Curiously,
someone named José Rovira Armengol published a Spanish translation of the
book under the title "Critica de la Musica Pura" (Buenos Aires: Kier,
1958).  As far as I can tell, this rare Spanish edition isn't held by any
American library, nor is it available through any of the usual used book

Does anyone on the list have access to any version of this work, or any
information that could point me in the direction of a copy?  If so, I would
be most grateful if you could contact me privately (bryanparkhurst at gmail.com


Bryan Parkhurst

Bryan J. Parkhurst
PhD Candidate (Dual Degree, ABD)
Department of Music Theory and Department of Philosophy
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI USA
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