[Smt-talk] Gradus ab Parnasu (uka Gradus ad Parnassum..:)

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Sun Jan 26 17:07:34 PST 2014

Aside from the, ahhh, rather different style re dissonance rules alluded

to by Victor:), there's _definitely_ too much contrary motion... like about

100%! Without some similar motion mixed in, you risk a different loss

of melodic independence: the added part is perceived as being just a

mirror of the CF. (Think the mirror scene in _Duck Soup_.:) As far as I

recall at the moment, Zarlino and the other ctpt. treatises don't talk

about amount of contrary motion, but I assume it was simply that the

idea of having a mix of similar & contrary motion was SO self-evident

it wasn't worth discussing. (Just like there are no Med/Ren bread

recipes--it was too obvious.)


Just my 20 sesterces' worth...


Art Samplaski

Ithaca, NY
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