[Smt-talk] Gradus ab Parnasu

Nicolas Meeùs nicolas.meeus at scarlet.be
Mon Jan 27 05:56:12 PST 2014


Wether the ablative of Parnasus would be "Parnaso" or "Parnasu" remains 
open to discussion -- or, more precisely, whether it be 2nd or 4th 
declension. But I think you are right, it is 2d declension, therefore 

What is sure, in any case, is that the exercise of Stephen's student 
does show some level of declension; and so does Stephen's subject line. 
This all must be Schenker's fault.

Nicolas Meeùs
University Paris-Sorbonne

Le 2014-01-27 02:22, Mark Ansoncartwright a écrit :
> Dear Victor and anyone else who was confused by Stephen's posting:
> I also did a double-take at the example, and the remark about the rules.
> I then re-read the subject line. There is an irony in that preposition 
> "ab" ("away from") that made me chuckle. But the ablative of Parnasus 
> would be "Parnaso" (I think).
> Hope this vindicates Stephen, though perhaps he has a different take...
> Mark
> Mark Anson-Cartwright
> Queens College, CUNY
> On Jan 26, 2014, at 7:46 PM, "Victor grauer" <victorag at verizon.net 
> <mailto:victorag at verizon.net>> wrote:
>> Well you've certainly managed to confuse me. What rules did you have 
>> in mind? And from what planet? *:| straight face
>> On Sunday, January 26, 2014 9:07 AM, Stephen Soderberg 
>> <hyperchord at me.com <mailto:hyperchord at me.com>> wrote:
>>     A private student submitted the attached 1st species exercise to
>>     me last week. He certainly didn't break any rules, but I'm
>>     tempted to grade him down because my ear tells me there is too
>>     much contrary motion.<cntrpt.png> Still I don't want to confuse
>>     him. I'm tutoring him & he will be starting college next year. He
>>     wants to major in theory. Can anyone give me some advice?
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