[Smt-talk] theory of film music (Ildar Khannanov)

Andrew Schartmann andrew.schartmann at yale.edu
Sun Jul 6 13:52:58 PDT 2014

A few remarks concerning Debussy and montage technique:

The first thing we need to do before embarking on a debate concerning the
true pioneers of montage technique is to define exactly what we mean by
montage. In his post, Dr. Khannanov refers specifically to Soviet montage,
as developed by Eisenstein. But scholarship concerning the influence of
montage on Debussy refers to a different form of the technique—one that was
around long before Eisenstein developed his theories. For example,
Piggybacking on E.T. Cone's (1962) theory of stratification, interlock, and
synthesis, Mark McFarland (2004) makes a compelling case for Debussy as an
*inheritor* of film-montage technique.

It is also worth noting Debussy's own words on the subject of film
technique (from Lesure and Langham Smith 1988, 298): "There remains,
however, one means of renewing the taste for symphonic music among our
contemporaries: to apply to pure music the techniques of cinematography..."

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Andrew Schartmann
PhD Student, Yale Department of Music
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