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Howard Hanson's Symphony No. 2 was used in the score of "Alien" by Ridley Scott. But who would have ever associated that music to alien extraterrestrial life forms? Another favorite film of mine "Blaise Pascal" by Roberto Rossallini uses a very unusual electronically manipulated score to suggest illness and genius. I have also heard optional score(s) for the 1920's film "Nosforatu" by Murnau which are also quite exquisite - two possible scores are optional in viewing this early masterpiece. Prokofiev's scoring of Eisenstein's "Alexander Nevsky" is brilliant and satrical - especially the references to the Teutonic invasion/menace threatening the Russian homeland. But perhaps my favorite film score is "A Clockwork Orange" by Kubrik - what better music is there than Beethoven's 9th symphony (including a synthesized version by Carlos), Rossini, original music by Carlos, English folk music, early music, etc., to score futuristic ultra violence? 

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