[Smt-talk] Music theory writing course--books on writing or editing

Slottow, Stephen Stephen.Slottow at unt.edu
Wed Jul 9 18:50:13 PDT 2014

I should have asked people to respond to the list instead of to me alone; I underestimated the general interest in the topic. I have received several requests to post a list of the suggested materials, and I could do that. However, a simple list would be of limited use, since the emails I received contained not only suggested materials, but also comments, descriptions, summaries, observations, and evaluations.

Therefore, I now ask everyone who kindly emailed suggestions to me privately to repost them to the smt-talk, or to give me permission to do so (and tell me whether I can use your names).

I think this is the best course. If it doesn't work, I'll put together some kind of annotated list.

Thank you,

Stephen Slottow
Associate Professor of Music
College of Music
University of North Texas
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