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Perhaps it is of interest that Chopin notated a work plan for his pupil 
Jane Sterling in her exemplar of the composer's works, as to be seen in: 
"Frédéric Chopin. Œuvres pour piano. Fac-similé de l'exemplaire de Jane 
W. Stirling avec annotations et corrections de l'auteur (Ancienne 
collection Edouard Ganche). Introduction de Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger. 
Préface de Jean-Michel Nectoux", Paris: Bibliothèque National 1982, p. 
[25], transcription on p. XXVIII:
It reads:

Preludes                                          2me Cahiers
1re _Cahier_ _mi_ _majeur_                       x ré _/*b*/_ majeur
_mi_ _mineur_                       si _/*b*/_ majeur
_si_ _mineur_                     x sol/*_b_*/ majeur
                   la _majeur_                         la/*_b_*/ majeur

(The "x" means -- this word should be studied.)

This confusion of G Flat Major and F Sharp Major is also to be seen in 
André Gide's Book "Notes sur Chopin", Paris: L'Arche 1949, p. 102 
("Prélude en sol bémol majeur.")

I think it also interesting that some editors -- for example Franz Liszt 
(Cotta Edition Searl 565b) -- transposed Schubert's Impromptu in G Flat 
Major into G Major (combined with the alteration of the 4/2-measure 
"great alla breve" into a 2/2-measure "simple alla breve" by adding a 
bar line in the middle of each measure).

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