[Smt-talk] Joni Mitchell's "Amelia"

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Yes prof rock of course and many current alternative rock bands (eg
Radiohead, Peter Gabriel), but also some bands of the funk tradition such
as Earth Wind and Fire (listen to "After the Love Has Gone"). I think
there are a lot more than one might think, even in the "pop/pop"
repertoire: need some time to look into this...:)


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Le 2014-06-17 13:01, « Chris Bonds » <chbonds1 at willy.wsc.edu> a écrit :

>I've been reading the comments about songs that modulate 3 or more
>times. It reminds me that Joni Mitchell's "Amelia" has always puzzled
>me. It seems to vacillate between two keys, although I have decided that
>if I had to say what key it is in, it would be F. The problem is that
>each new stanza begins on a G chord, which sounds like a tonic, at least
>momentarily (since the next chord is B flat). Also, there are some
>chords that aren't clearly defined, due either to being incomplete,
>transient, or obscured by non-chord tones and absence of bass.
>I'd be interested if anyone else has had a similar experience with this
>song, which I think is one of her best.
>Christopher Bonds
>Wayne State College, Emeritus
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