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Here is a little bit of information about the conference streaming
initiative. Jon Kochavi has been overseeing this project as part of his work
with Accessibility. In the Networking Committee meeting this year, there was
a good deal of discussion about expanding the streaming of sessions at
future conferences. Although only one session would likely be streamed live,
we did discuss the possibility of recording the sessions in other rooms and
providing these online in a temporary archive (say, for two weeks). I don't
know any details about the costs of Ustream, but the effort would also
involve getting additional recording equipment and finding enough volunteers
to man the equipment. As for interactivity, we do allow those watching
remotely to ask the presenters questions via the chat feature--I don't think
anyone took advantage of that feature this year. 

If others are interested in having additional sessions streamed at next
year's conference, contact a member of the Networking Committee to have your
voice heard. 


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I'm still amazed I got to view the annual conference in realtime - and can
now view the archived video.  Boisterous bravi to all those involved!

Can whoever were those responsible provide some information about it? Such

- What were the costs involved (free, or personal subscription to
Ustream?)  If it was free, are their plans to invest (i.e. pay/subscribe)
for future conferences?

- What are plans for future experiments? What about interactivity with those

It is my feeling that in this day and age, remote attendance and/or
participation at conferences needs to be more than an option, but
(eventually) as an essential part of the conference.

Again, bravi & kudos to those who made it possible!

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