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SMT-TALK is the Society for Music Theory's forum for the discussion of 
topics of interest to the professional music theory community.  It is 
intended to facilitate communication among music theorists, by providing a 
forum for the sharing, discussion, and debate of ideas; for posting 
questions; and for gathering information.  Although the tone of SMT-TALK is 
informal, it is not an Internet chat room. SMT-talk is intended to 
facilitate and be an extension of the type of discourse that takes place 
at theory conferences.  Subscription to SMT-TALK is a privilege granted to 
subscribers by the Society for Music Theory.

Contents of this message:

A.  Guidelines
B.  Maintenance of your subscription
     1) Your list password
     2) Posting to the list
     3) Including signature
     4) Moderation
     5) Viewing SMT-TALK Archives
     6) If your address changes
     7) Problems 
C. The Society for Music Theory

A.  Guidelines

1.  An original post should clearly state the issue or question to which 
the member wishes the community to respond.

2.  Posts should adhere to standards of courteous professional discourse. 
The moderator will reject posts that include such things as ad hominem 
attacks, slanderous or other "personal" statements directed at individuals 
or institutions, and comments deemed inflammatory.

3.  Posts of a controversial nature are always welcome. The author of the 
post should be sensitive, however, to the interests and work of other list 
members whose work may be the subject of controversy.

4.  Posts should adhere to the Guidelines for Non-Sexist Language found on 
the SMT website:  http://www.societymusictheory.org/index.php?pid=107

5. The number of messages posted on SMT-talk by any individual will be limited 
to two per day. The list moderator will delay any messages beyond the two-per-day limit.

6.  The moderator may reject any post that does not meet these guidelines.

7.  Appeals relating to rejected messages may be made to the SMT Networking 
Ombudsman Committee <ombuds at societymusictheory.org>. The ombudsman 
committee includes members of the society and at least one member of the 
SMT Executive Board.

8.  The moderator will provide an explanation for any rejected message. 
In the case of repeated rejected posts, the moderator will recommend to 
the Ombudsman Committee that list membership privileges be suspended.

9.  Any decisions made by the ombudsman committee may be appealed to the SMT 
Executive Board, whose decision is final.

10.  SMT-TALK messages can be received as posted, in digest form, or by 
following a thread on the SMT website, where SMT-TALK messages will be 

B.  Maintenance of your subscription

        1) Your list password
Subscribers to SMT-TALK receive a password which is needed to access the 
list archives as well as modify one's subscription.  If you need to be 
reminded of your password, you can have the list send you a reminder:


        2) Posting to the list 
The correct address for posting to SMT-TALK is:

        smt-talk at societymusictheory.org

        3) Including signature 
Make sure that all your posts to the list conclude with a signature. A 
signature should include your name, your e-mail address, and an 
institutional affiliation (if any) or geographic location. This is 
considered a basic courtesy on the Internet and is intended to foster 
academic and scholarly collegiality.

        4) Moderation 
SMT-TALK is moderated. All messages are checked by the list editor 
for format and appropriateness prior to being forwarded to subscribers.

        5) Viewing SMT-TALK Archives
All messages posted to the list are archived, available only to 
subscribers.  To view the SMT-TALK Archive, point your browser here:


You browser will need to accept cookies and you will need your SMT-TALK

        6) If your address changes 
As with most e-mail distribution lists, if your e-mail address changes 
from that which you used to subscribe to SMT-TALK, you will not be 
recognized by the software and will be unable to post.

You will need to unsubscribe the old address and subscribe the new one. 
All of that can be done starting from this page:


(Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see where to unsubscribe.)

        7) Problems 
If you experience any problems associated with smt-talk please notify 
the smt-talk editor:   smt-talk-admin at societymusictheory.org

C. The Society for Music Theory

Information about the Society for Music Theory is available on 
the SMT Home page at:


The Society for Music Theory depends on member support to maintain its 
services to the music theory community. If you enjoy smt-talk and the 
other SMT online services, you should join the Society. Membership 
information is available by sending a message to: 
join-smt at societymusictheory.org

or through the SMT Web page at


The Society also depends your participation and ideas. All of the 
Society's services are provided by music theorists who volunteer their 
time, expertise, and energy. A listing of officers and committee chairs 
who may be contacted regarding the Society's activities and information 
about upcoming conferences is available on the SMT Home page.

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Music Division, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
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