[Smt-talk] IV4/3 and IV4/2

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Tue Sep 9 04:50:15 PDT 2014

Dear Tim,

Do you mean the diatonic or chromatic version? Outside a sequence, the diatonic, with its M7, is rare because it's dissonant. The IV-7, functioning as V-7 of bVII in minor, is found in Baroque repertoire, in progressions such as IV4/3 to bVII and IV4/2 to bVII6. Both diatonic and chromatic versions belong in sequential descending 5ths cycles. See Carlo Cotumacci's descending Regola in minor (Rosa Cafiero). Look in the episodic passages of the WTC.

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> On Sep 9, 2014, at 4:27 AM, Timothy Cutler <timothy.cutler at cim.edu> wrote:
> Could anyone point me to some instances of IV4/3 and IV4/2 chords?
> I have only a few decent examples of each, and I'm surprised how difficult
> they are to find. (Maybe I'm not examining the right repertoire...)
> Thanks very much!
> Tim
> Dr. Timothy Cutler
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