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My presentation at MTSNYS this year on changing meter in math rock included
several examples where the meter change happens at sectional transitions.
 I'd have to dig up the paper to give you a comprehensive list, but, off the
top of my head:

*Mew, "An Envoy to the Open Fields": The verse alternates bars of 11/8 and
7/8, only including the squared-off 4/4 bar at the sectional transition.

*Panic! at the Disco, "We're so Starving":  This short opening track is a
tour-de-force of chopped phrase lengths between sections, while a later song
"Nine in the Afternoon" places a truncated bar of 3 between successive verse

In remembering these examples, I find myself wondering whether you are
limiting this study to divisions between named sections (e.g. pre-chorus to
chorus) or if you are also looking at phrase divisions within a single
section (e.g. 2 phrases composing a verse).

best of luck,

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On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 1:44 PM, <akolek at music.umass.edu> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm collecting examples of popular songs in which the measure preceding a
> sectional transition is extended or truncated by a small duration, such as
> a
> beat or half beat.  An example that comes to mind is Mercyful Fate's "A
> Dangerous Meeting," where the measure preceding the third verse is a half
> beat
> shorter than usual.  I'd appreciate suggestions from any genre of popular
> music.
>  Thanks,
> Adam J. Kolek
> Doctoral Candidate
> University of Massachusetts Amherst
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