[Smt-talk] Good Primer for First-Year Students on Gender in Music and Music Theory?

Gabe Fankhauser fankhauserg at appstate.edu
Sun Nov 29 21:28:25 PST 2009


Good question. First, SMT's Committee on the Status of Women 
(http://societymusictheory.org/administration/committees/women) provides 
a page with several great sources, many with which I'm guessing you are 
familiar: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~leigh/csw/csw/CSWBib2.html. That 
page could use updating.

Second, I applaud your efforts to try to show a bigger picture in your 
Theory I courses. I suspect, however, that for a Theory I course, 
readings would have to be by nature less musical and more generally 
philosophical. It can be a challenge to find accessible music theory 
articles even for upper-level courses. The most successful (accessible) 
readings that I have assigned to undergraduates tend to relate analysis 
to performance, but I am interested to see if others can recommend 
introductory readings suitable for undergrads.



Reed,Smith Alexander wrote:
 > In the Theory 1 class that I teach, I occasionally hand out enrichment
 > essays for my students to read...
 > I'm asking whether anyone knows of a good, short, thoughtful piece of
 > writing that incorporates music theory...

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