[Smt-talk] Passing and Neighboring 6/4s

Nicolas Meeùs nicolas.meeus at paris-sorbonne.fr
Tue Jan 19 14:44:22 PST 2010

Jeremy Day-O'Connell a écrit :
> Other considerations point /against/ the possibility of ii-V6/4-ii 
> (though I expect we could come up with an example or two without too 
> much trouble): the rarity of ii-V-ii in general and the inherent 
> difficulty of motion from ^7 to ^6, for instance, are two such 
> considerations.
It seems to me that ii-V6/4-ii belongs to _forbidden_ circumstances in 
strict counterpoint, because the progression involves parallel major 
thirds (5/3, 6/4, 5/3 above the bass ii) and so create a false relation 
between the 3 and the 6. If, as here (and in several other cases, 
probably), the problem is one of voice leading, it cannot fully be dealt 
with in term of harmonic roots and root progressions.

Nicolas Meeùs
Université Paris-Sorbonne

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