[Smt-talk] Can anyone I.D. this song?

S. Alexander Reed alexreed at ufl.edu
Fri Jan 22 05:34:03 PST 2010

Chris -

I'm almost certain you're referring to "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of 
This)" by The Eurythmics.  I may be wrong, but you can check here: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeMFqkcPYcg .  The song was a very, 
very big hit in 1982 and 1983 and has been remade many times since 
then (perhaps most notably by Marilyn Manson).

Hope this helps!

S. Alexander Reed
Assistant Professor
University of Florida

On Thu Jan 21 19:34:54 EST 2010, Chris Bonds 
<chbonds1 at willy.wsc.edu> wrote:

> I often hear this dance/club genre song in the grocery store that 
> has a recurring refrain by at least 3 female voices in a minor 
> key. The chords are VI - i 6/4 - V - i (or in G minor: 
> Eb-Gm/D-D-Gm) and the melody notes (in c minor) are Bb - Bb - A - 
> Bb. The Eb chord is 4 beats, the next 2 are 2 beats each, and the 
> last chord is a short staccato note. This is a stock harmonic 
> cadential progression that sticks out like a sore thumb in 
> today's modal/penta/one-note melodic pop universe. It occurs at 
> least a half dozen times in between verses and is sung with great 
> enthusiasm. What is the song? (I don't know, I'm hoping one of 
> you does.) It's a good example of a cadential 6-4 in a radio hit.
> Chris Bonds
> Wayne State College (Retired)
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