[Smt-talk] Can anyone I.D. this song?

Kyle adams adamsk01 at yahoo.com
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To be honest, this sounds a lot like "Long Train Running (Without Love)" by the Doobie Brothers. If you hadn't identified it as being by three female voices, it would be a perfect match. Then again, maybe someone out there knows if it's been remade as a club song?
Kyle Adams
Indiana University

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I often hear this dance/club genre song in the grocery store that has a recurring refrain by at least 3 female voices in a minor key. The chords are VI - i 6/4 - V - i (or in G minor: Eb-Gm/D-D-Gm) and the melody notes (in c minor) are Bb - Bb - A - Bb. The Eb chord is 4 beats, the next 2 are 2 beats each, and the last chord is a short staccato note. This is a stock harmonic cadential progression that sticks out like a sore thumb in today's modal/penta/one-note melodic pop universe. It occurs at least a half dozen times in between verses and is sung with great enthusiasm. What is the song? (I don't know, I'm hoping one of you does.) It's a good example of a cadential 6-4 in a radio hit.

Chris Bonds
Wayne State College (Retired)

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