[Smt-talk] Heavy metal and set-class analysis

Murphy, Scott Brandon smurphy at ku.edu
Fri Dec 9 11:49:04 PST 2011

I would like to point a student of mine toward any published research on recurrent, or even "signature," chords in heavy metal or punk rock music that are (arguably) better designated with set-class labels (e.g. 0156, which, for example, is the best Forte set name I can think to give to the beginning of Dillinger Four's "Noble Stabbings") than with root-based tertian labels. I've come up with little to nothing in my preliminary bibliographic digging, although, since I'm not as familiar with this field of study as with others, I may be digging in the wrong places. Any ideas, o wise collective?

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Scott Murphy
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University of Kansas School of Music
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