[Smt-talk] Jonathan Kramer's "The Time of Music"

Nicolas Meeùs nicolas.meeus at paris-sorbonne.fr
Thu Jul 28 07:21:54 PDT 2011

There are books available on IMSLP, e.g. Schenker's /Harmonielehre 
/(http://imslp.org/wiki/Harmonielehre_%28Schenker,_Heinrich%29), said 
there to be "public domain", which I doubt so far as Europe is concerned.

There may be better depositories for books, though, such as 
http://www.archive.org, or http://www.gutenberg.org/, which already 
offer quite a lot in the field of music theory and probably are better 
equipped than IMSLP to produce searchable documents. The pdf version of 
Schenker's /Harmonielehre /available on IMSLP is not searchable, while 
that on www.archive.org is. The reason probably is that the latter has 
been scanned in a library (Boston Public Library) equipped with OCR 
facilities. Unfortunately, OCR is hardly available for many languages 
(including German in /Fraktur/ printing).

Nicolas Meeùs
Université Paris-Sorbonne

Le 28/07/2011 08:36, Steve Haflich a écrit :
> [...]
> It idly occurs to me that IMSLP would also be well-adapted to taking on
> the tiny additional load of serving scans of out-of-copyright theory
> materials, etc.  They already deal successfully with the download issues
> for the sometimes-different copyright status of works when downloaded to
> different countries.  All they need is a contributed scan of the work.
> [...]
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