[Smt-talk] Jonathan Kramer's "The Time of Music"

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Thanks to all who responded to my message, publicly or privately.  There
seems to be a definite interest in making Kramer's book available again in
some form or another, and I appreciate all the interesting and helpful
suggestions you have made.  Anton Vishio has already contacted Kramer's
widow to see if there are any existing plans to reprint *The Time of Music*.
If we find out there are, great; if not, I'll take everyone's ideas into
consideration and try to get something started.

Thanks again.  More anon,

On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 7:30 AM, Robert Judd <rjudd at ams-net.org> wrote:

> A couple of comments on this thread run counter to what I've
> experienced at the AMS.
> 1) Cal Press (prints and distributes JAMS) no longer does a "print
> run" in the old sense. If we run out of an issue, they now print up xx
> copies more. No inventory to maintain; never goes "out of print."
> 2) I've been approached more than once by vendors eager to print "out
> of print" AMS-published books and sell them, quite reasonably priced.
> E.g. the AMS publication of Joseph Kerman's book _The Elizabethan
> Madrigal_ (1965). They would publish and distribute for something like
> $15. (AMS still has a few copies, and we have put it up at Google
> Books for free, so we don't really have a need to pursue this.)
> 3) Schirmer Books is now owned by Macmillan; there may well be a
> logistical hassle locating the people who would have the authority to
> get the Kramer book into "publish on demand" mode.
> 4) Google Books indicates that they have a scan of the Kramer (U.
> Mich. copy). If the right people from Macmillan talked to Google, they
> could get Google to sell a reasonably priced print-on-demand version
> with a bit of profit for both mediaries. In my dealings with Google
> (and to some extent Macmillan) it's been a bit difficult to get their
> ear. We are pretty tiny bits of revenue stream, from their
> perspective--not worth the effort. But it may be worth asking, and
> maybe even the SMT administration might facilitate.
> Regards,
> Bob Judd
> rjudd at ams-net.org
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