[Smt-talk] digression: pulse & Pieces with improvisatory openings

Michael Morse mwmorse at bell.net
Mon Nov 7 19:17:25 PST 2011

Thanks, Jay, for this interesting and germane citation. If I understand the data correctly, it supports my contention that pulse is not a quintessentially matter of perception. Rather, the data suggest the more cautious thesis that perceived impulse and imagined pulse transpire in different regions of the brain--which is of course enough prima facie to make the point that the pulse phenomenon is not (necessarily) primarily rooted in the perception of external stimuli.

I think this study also suggests that pulse may not be so much a neurological or even psychological matter, but an epistemological question. At the very least, the generative capacity and socially shared & shareable quality are its core; arguably, these are not neurological concepts, although neurological patterning is involved. Metaphysics has been getting a bad rap for more than a century, mostly with good reason. It's rather nostalgic to find an issue where it may be of some use!

MW Morse
Trent University
Peterborough, Oshawa
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