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Not exactly what you asked for, but in popular music it's not too odd to find CM-BM-CM (possibly with extensions). Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" (1960) is a famous example.

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Collective wisdom, do you know of, and, if so, are you willing to share, an example of a clear and deliberate CM: CM-Bm-CM progression or a transposition of such a progression in music after 1800 (double leading-tone cadences from the Medieval period need not apply)?  Chordal inversion of any or all of these chords is fine.  A transposition of the minor version (Cm: Cm-Bm-Cm) would also be acceptable, as would the last two-thirds of either progression.



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P.S. I'm prepared to handle examples where a "neighborly" bass goes 1-2-1. :-)

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