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Michael Morse mwmorse at bell.net
Fri Oct 7 12:51:23 PDT 2011

If you include popular music, the progression is very common. But in all the cases that I can think of, the tonality is the lower minor, and the upper chord is a phrygian supertonic. In standard (popular) harmony, vii7 moves to iii7 or, more familiarly, III7. There might be a case--I can't think of one off hand, but it's conceivable--of pivotting to III by way of vii7, effectively turning the tonic into sort of Neapolitan. In that case, however, the tonic chord would almost certainly turn into a dominant 7th chord first, viz. I - I7 - vii7 - [VII7= V7 of III] - [III = I]
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The only example I can think of so far comes from popular music: the verses of Bruce Springsteen's "Last to Die"  begin with several oscillations between Cmaj7 and Bm. 
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