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You might also take a look at my article, "Recurrence, Level Organization,
and Collection Interaction in Three Piano Preludes by Debussy" in Indiana
Theory Review 22/2 (Spring, 2003).



At 8:30 AM +0300 9/20/11, Olli Väisälä wrote:
>>Since I have not recieved any replies to my 
>>query concerning analytical literature for 
>>Ibert, I will broaden my question.  Does anyone 
>>know of any especially good analytical 
>>literature on Debussy's Preludes? Any 
>>suggestions concerning analytical literature 
>>for Debussy are appreciated, however, I am 
>>particularly interested in the Preludes. 
>>Please reply to 
>><mailto:williamwaldroup at my.unt.edu>williamwaldroup at my.unt.edu
>As William asked for "especially good analytical 
>literature on Debussy's Preludes," I hope it is 
>not too boastful to recommend some of my own 
>(1) "New Theories and Fantasies on the Music of 
>Debussy: Post-Triadic Prolongation in Ce qu'a vu 
>le vent d'ouest and Other Examples." In Selected 
>Essays from the Third International Schenker 
>Symposium, ed. Allen Cadwallader. Hildesheim: 
>Georg Olms, 2006.
>(2) Containing an analysis of Voiles: 
>"Prolongation of Harmonies Related to the 
>Harmonic Series in Early Post-Tonal Music". 
>Journal of Music Theory Vol. 46 (2002), 207-283.
>(3) On another piano work: "On the Coordination 
>of Tonal Functions, Pitch Sets, Meter, and Form 
>in L'Isle joyeuse by Debussy." In A Composition 
>as a Problem: Proceedings of a conference on 
>music theory, Tallin, May 16-17, 1996, ed. Mart 
>Humal. Tallinn: Eesti Muusikaakademia, 1997.
>(There are several more, but they are in 
>Finnish, which some of you may not know well 
>enough... ;-)
>With best regards,
>Olli Väisälä
>Sibelius Academy, Helsinki
><mailto:ovaisala at siba.fi>ovaisala at siba.fi
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